What’s on where at Lord Mayor’s Celebrations

What’s on where at Lord Mayor’s Celebrations
Take 60 floats full of outlandishly costumed partygoers, some Take That hits and thousands of revellers. Mix them together and what have you got? Another weekend fun-filled Lord Mayor’s Celebrations. Here is our guide to what’s on and where.
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Harry Potter’s .37 Billion Magic Draws London Fans to Last Film Premiere
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” rolled out to the screams of sleepless fans in London yesterday, the final production in a film franchise that has made $ 6.37 billion at the global box office so far.
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The Winter’s Tale: A rewarding way to pass a summer’s night
The man-eating bear is not the only reason to see Dream in High Park’s first-ever staging of The Winter’s Tale
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