Romeo + Juliet Ring: The Perfect Gift

No fool in love will not fall in love with Baz Luhrmann’s artistic mastery that he weaved into the romantic movie, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996).

And… the ring given by Romeo to Juliet captures this artistic mastery — a simple, yet precious design that encircles the essence of their love.

Simply, the Romeo + Juliet ring is the perfect gift…

The Story: I was IN love and my faraway fiancé then, now husband, was taken by the R+J wedding band from that very movie.

When he proposed we get a pair made for us, I approached several designer associates of mine to get quotations for a couple of custom designed rings. Exorbitant, especially when I wanted them in solid gold.

Finally, one of my BFF recommended her friend, a “ridiculously talented” artist who agreed to manifest our idea in argentum. I was thrilled to bits!

This ring truly symbolized our love as we were somewhat “star-crossed” lovers… I was in Singapore & my fiancé was working in the Middle East for the longest time. We endured 6 years of long distance courtship! That’s why he wanted more than an engagement ring & indeed it has been! We are now blessed with 2 darling angels.

This year, 10 years after our version of the R+J rings were born, we felt strongly in sharing our labor of love- works of art- with the world! Simply, we’ve been asked to reproduce the band by so many.

But alas, the “talented” artist could not oblige to reproduce the artistry again as she is expanding her personal collection. I had no other choice! I went back to design school to learn the art of jewelry making so that I could bring to others the wonderfully romantic Romeo + Juliet ring. I did it for me and I make them for YOU!

If you choose to keep on the unique side, your ring will bear the initials of 2
lovers. But if you’re a die-hard R+J fan, then R+J it shall be.

Keeping true to the essence of the movie, “I love thee” will be engraved inside the ring as well as the precious metal hallmark stamp of “925″  for silver or “18K” for white or yellow gold.

New designs will be added to this “Romeo + Juliet” collection over time. So, please do check back.

Thank you for your time. I sincerely wish you have enjoyed perusing this collection and viewing my studio. Be rest assured that a ring (or any jewelry) by SP is a labor of love.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say good night till it be morrow.” -William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Your humble servant,
Suryani Piracci


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