‘The Normal Heart’ wins Tony for best play revival

“Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night”
Image by MrFishK
"Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night" at Koka Booth Amphitheatre Cary NC Aug 27, 2010

‘The Normal Heart’ wins Tony for best play revival
The AIDS drama “The Normal Heart” has won the Tony Award for best play revival.
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Played off: musicians banned from Central Park
Few instruments can be gentler than the harp, but authorities in New York’s Central Park have branded street musicians like harpist Meta Epstein a public disturbance and want them driven out.
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Discovering Paris and the Language of Love in Woody Allen’s Movie “Midnight in Paris”
This Tuesday, May 31, 2011 photo shows a visitor in the garden of the Rodin museum in Paris. Spend a day, and a de rigeur night, here and you can walk hand-in-hand with Woody Allen through the City of Light he portrays in “Midnight in Paris,” his sweet and zany Valentine to the French capital.
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