Talent, bold hues in ‘Once on This Island’

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Talent, bold hues in ‘Once on This Island’
Mist lingers over a dark stage. A flash of lightning, the beating of drums, and the audience is transported to a tropical island full of excitement and wonder.
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The Bard gets a new stage in England
At the transformed Royal Shakespeare Company theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, the actors strut and fret on the … catwalk?
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Orlando Bloom: Performing Stage/Cinema Simulcast ‘Terrifies Me’
Degen Pener “I’m trying to not think about it,” the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter about his upcoming Shakespeare-themed event Sunday with the L.A. Philharmonic. read more
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New Classical Tracks: Tchaikovsky’s Shakespeare
The music of Tchaikovsky, with its warm melodies and beguiling harmony, has a direct appeal for young musicians. On their new disc, the youthful Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, led by a famous alum, performs three of his works inspired by Shakespeare.
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