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Shakespeare Retold Much Ado About Nothing Part 9

aah, so sorry dudes.. i was deleting a video that didnt upload properly and deleted this one instead! boo… but yeah, here it is again, too bad about all the views XD sorry bout that, julia


Shakespeare Retold Much Ado About Nothing Part 7

okay, here’s the next part 😛 Video Rating: 4 / 5


Shakespeare Retold Much Ado About Nothing Part 5

part 5, from bbc’s shakespeare retold series Video Rating: 4 / 5 Actor Matthew Macfadyen reads “Sonnet 29” by William Shakespeare. 1 of 3 poems read by him on the DVD called Essential Poems.. Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!! If you like this clip, BUY THE DVD!


Doctor Who Shakespeare Code part 4

Doctor Who The Shakspeare Code. All rights reserved for the BBC. I do not own any of this. Stictly for entertainment purposes. Hope you enjoy it. Video Rating: 5 / 5


Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1980 TV) – Act 4, i (part 2 of 2)

from line 163 or so, the exit of Ferdinnad and Miranda, to the end of the scene. actually, this excerpt goes to line 57, Prospero’s “Ill drown my book” of Act V, scene 1, with the entrance of Alonso and Gonzalo. go here to a single playlist of all the Shakespeare for SATS 2008: www.youtube.com […]


Shakespeare (Part 1)

The Cosby Show The Cosby Show was and still is one of the greatest sitcoms in television history. It ran for 8 seasons from 1984-1992. In this episode: Theo and Cockroach have to read Julius Caesar for history class. Cliff decides to barbeque for Dr. Foster who has come for a visit from Hillman with […]


Shakespeare’s Othello – end, part 1/2 (Laurence Olivier)

Shakespeare’s Othello – Act 5, scene 2, line 243 (Iago, Montano and Gratiano exit) to end of play. go here to view interview with Olivier about performing this role (thanks kiopelus!): www.youtube.com Laurence Olivier … Othello Maggie Smith … Desdemona Joyce Redman … Emilia Frank Finlay … Iago Michael Turner … Gratiano Edward Hardwicke … […]


Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1954) part 2 of 13

This excerpt starts with Act I, scene 3 to lines 74 or so (Signet edition) with some cuts, then at 3:33 we get a bit of start of Act I, scene 2 – Capulet encouraging Paris to try and woo Juliet. Then at 4:45 it goes to Act I, scene 3, line 79-99 (with cuts […]


Midsummer Night’s Dream – Part 1 (1999)

I DON’T OWN THIS SHORT, IT BELONGS TO DISNEY. Mickey Mouse Works House of Mouse A MouseTales Cartoon Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy compete in Shakespeare’s tale of mismatched lovers and a special love potion. Video Rating: 4 / 5


Romeo & Juliet (1978) – Part 1

BBC – The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Alan Rickman as Tybalt

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