Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (1980 TV), Act 3, scene 1

go here and view the other videos uploaded from this production: Felicity Kendal … Viola Trevor Peacock … Feste Ronnie Stevens … Sir Andrew Aguecheek Robert Hardy … Sir Toby Belch Sinéad Cusack … Olivia Feste is a prime example of what Robert Goldsmith called Shakespeare’s “Wise Fools”. Notice the extra care Viola takes choosing words in the play after Feste takes witty advantage of her careless language in this scene. Director: John Gorrie the parents of Felicity Kendal used to run a touring Shakespeare company in India. Trevor Peacock wrote the 60s hit single “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter”, recorded by Herman’s Hermits. The fine character actor Robert Hardy is best known from TV appearances as Siegfried Farnon in “All Creatures Great and Small” (1978) and his critically acclaimed performances as Winston Churchill. Katharine Hepburn told her friend and biographer that Sinéad Cusack was “the real McCoy – one of the most exciting actors I’ve ever seen”. info from ………. from CL Barber’s “Shakespeare’s Festive Comedy” (1959): Throughout the play a contrast is maintained between the taut, restless, elegant court, where people speak a nervous verse, and the free-wheeling household of Olivia, where, except for the intense moments in Olivia’s amorous interviews with Cesario, people live in an easy-going prose. The contrast is another version of pastoral. The household is more than any one person in it. People keep interrupting

James McAvoy in “Shakespeare Retold – Macbeth” with Keely Hawes(2005)


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