Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1980 TV) – Act 4, i (part 2 of 2)

from line 163 or so, the exit of Ferdinnad and Miranda, to the end of the scene. actually, this excerpt goes to line 57, Prospero’s “Ill drown my book” of Act V, scene 1, with the entrance of Alonso and Gonzalo. go here to a single playlist of all the Shakespeare for SATS 2008: Jacob woke from his sleep and said, ‘Truly the Lord is in this place…this is no other than the house of God, this is the gate of heaven’. (Genesis 28:16) lives “rounded with sleep” and the “sleepy language” of Antonio (“There’s meaning in thy snores”), “Advanced thier eyelids”, back to Miranda’s recollections “rather like a dream..” — some many more in this play, with folks awakening and slumbering so easy. A student would do well to pay attention to all these metaphors. Prospero: Say again, where didst thou leave these varlets? we notice again a project undertaken by Ariel alone, without his master’s specific direction, in the tradition of enlightened slaves working toward thier freedom, serving their masters with faith and initiative. Like the spirits you find throuought Shakespeare (Macbeth’s witches or Hamlet’s ghost, etc) one cans very, very easily see these as some part of the the characters soul. A part. Michael Hordern … Prospero David Dixon … Ariel Warren Clarke … Caliban Andrew Sachs … Trinculo Nigel Hawthorne … Stephano Not the best production in this complete Shakespeare series…Michael Hordern did a fine Lear for them, and a truly superb old Capulet, but

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