Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1980 TV) – Act 3, scene 2

go here to a single playlist of all the Shakespeare for SATS 2008: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, from a lecture on Shakespeare, 1811: Is there anything in nature from which Shakespeare caught the idea of this delicate and delightful being, with such childlike simplicity, yet with such preternatural powers? He is neither born of heaven, nor of earth; but, as it were, between both, like a May blossom kept suspended in air by the fanning breeze, which prevent it from falling to the ground, and only finally, and by compulsion, touching earth. This reluctance of the sylph to be under the command even of Prospero is kept up throughout the whole play, and in the exercise of his admirable judgement Shakespeare has availed himself of it in order to give Ariel an interest in the event, looking forward to that moment when he was to gain his last and only reward–simple and eternal liberty. Warren Clarke … Caliban Andrew Sachs … Trinculo Nigel Hawthorne … Stephano David Dixon … Ariel Directed by John Gorrie Caliban, like some Satan, riles against Prospero, urges the humans to rebel and kill to take the books that control him and his world–many have detected parallels between this Satan (Hebrew for “accuser”) and the books of the Bible with this Master/God/Prospero. Andrew Sachs escaped Nazi Germany with his family when very young, and English is his second language. He most famously appeared as the hapless Spanish waiter Manuel in “Fawlty Towers”. He has remained


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