Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1954) part 2 of 13

This excerpt starts with Act I, scene 3 to lines 74 or so (Signet edition) with some cuts, then at 3:33 we get a bit of start of Act I, scene 2 – Capulet encouraging Paris to try and woo Juliet. Then at 4:45 it goes to Act I, scene 3, line 79-99 (with cuts of course) with Juliet and the Nurse looking on Paris as he leaves. Then the start of Capulet’s feast with bits of Romeo/Benvolio dialogue from Act I, scene 1, line 208-227. Then end of Act I, scene 3, Juliet getting her dress for the ball on , and finally we see bit of Act I, scene 5, line 173 link below to playlist of all 13 parts of this “Romeo and Juliet”: Art direction – Juliet’s dress for the ball is taken from Botticelli’s “Wedding-Feast of Nastagio degli Onesti”. (see Meredith Lillich’s article on this in “Films in Review”, June-July 1956) Bill Travers … Benvolio Sebastian Cabot … Capulet Lydia Sherwood … Lady Capulet Laurence Harvey … Romeo Susan Shentall … Juliet Flora Robson … Nurse Norman Wooland … Paris Lady Capulet’s “Examine every married lineament” from Ulrici, 1873 edition: That Shakespeare puts in the mouth of Juliet’s mother such, so called, Euphuisms is certainly not withou a deep design. She is distinguished by the style and matter of her speech as a highly cultivated, but in truth an artificial, woman of the world of that day, of considerable address, but without feeling, without heart or soul, who thinks more of fashionable elegance of manners, social advantage, &c., than
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