Shakespeare’s – Globe Theatre

A few nice shakespeare images I found:

Shakespeare’s – Globe Theatre
Image by Cyberslayer
The reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s Bankside, including Theatre, Education and Exhibition departments

Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Image by inacentaurdump
(still under construction)

Posted by Second Life Resident Ina Centaur. Visit Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s Resting Place [#2166]
Image by I am I.A.M.
Way in the back, behind the altar, Shakespeare is buried with a really tacky shield on the wall to mark the spot. It’s beyond the arch you can see defining the altar’s area.

Also notable here is the interior of the roof’s construction, much like the inside of a ship’s hull, often referred to in Shakespeare’s text as a description of God’s construction of the protective sky. Presumably the sermons of a Sunday weren’t that engaging.


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