Shakespeare “Henry IV, pt 1” (1979 TV) Falstaff and Hal

first appearance of Falstaff (Anthony Quayle) and Prince Hal (David Gwillim)……Act 1, scene 2 in it’s entirety (Arden edition) Jack Galloway … Poins Directed by David Giles William Shakespeare’s “The First Part of King Henry the Fourth” A bestseller in it’s day! DA Traversi wrote that Falstaff represents “all the humanity which the politicians, bent on the attainment of success, seem bound to exclude”. as Warwick says “The Prince doth study his companions / Like a strange tongue, wherein to gain the language” John Lydgate, from his poem “London Lyckpenny”: Then I hyed me into Estchepe; One cryes ‘rybbes of befe and many a pye’; Pewter pots they clattered on a heap; There was a harp, pype, and minstrelsy.


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