Shakespeare Country England

LORDS OF THE MANOR: Originally the rectory of an famous country parson, the manor house is now a gracious inn. Richard Young and his wife Linda personally supervise the attentive service and excellent cuisine. Hot air ballooning is a favorite activity, and we explore the Cotswolds by air. This is also horse country, and we get up early to watch thoroughbreds being exercised at a nearby training ground. THE LYGON ARMS: Ever since Elizabeth I first stayed here in 1546, the Lygon Arms has been a favorite destination. Their guest book’s a “Who’s Who” of English history. The rooms, brimming with antiques, and the cuisine, served in an ancient Hunting Hall, are world class. Manager Kirk Ritchie takes us to a local art gallery with museum-quality paintings, and we enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside. EASTNOR CASTLE: Started in the early 1800’s, the turreted fortress was probably the last fortified castle ever built. It is an ostentatious throwback to the middle ages, with a huge banqueting room, Grand Hall, and armory. Owner James Hervey-Bathurst collects steam-driven vehicles, and his wife refurbishes antiques. Together, they run the 5000 acre deer preserve which surrounds the castle. A special activity offered here is taking Range Rovers out for off-road test drives on the estate. It’s a thrilling way to see the countryside. Regional Highlights: Eurostar – A tunnel under the English Channel, a centuries-old dream is now reality. We take a ride on the new
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