Score another one for Netflix — Miramax signs on

Score another one for Netflix — Miramax signs on
We Netflix streaming subscribers will now have access to the storied, celebrated library of Miramax Films, thanks to a deal the studio and Netflix put in place Monday AM. Starting in June, Miramax’s catalog of titles, ranging from a slew of Oscar winners such as “Shakespeare in Love” and “Good Will Hunting” to the early “Spy […]
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Pam Gems: Playwright celebrated for her biographical works which explored their subjects’ dark sides
The playwright Pam Gems specialised in biographical plays that celebrated great cultural figures while exposing the dark side of their emotional lives. This wasn’t done to upset the apple cart, or for merely sensational reasons, but to explain, or understand, the characters better in their emotional and social contexts.
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It’s New to Us by Jean Stratton
From the time she was a young girl, Rita Conallen loved fashion and shopping. Now, as the owner of Urban Grace, the new women’s boutique, she is able to share her fashion sense and expertise with others.
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