Romeo & Juliet’s Church, Verona

Some cool Romeo + Juliet images:

Romeo & Juliet’s Church, Verona
Romeo + Juliet
Image by Ortizimo!
Romeo & Juliet Church, Verona, Italy
Copyright ©2007 Saulo Ortiz. All rights reserved!

Wherefore art thou
Romeo + Juliet
Image by tiny_packages
The set for the Globe Shakespeare Co’s performance of Romeo and Juliet at St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury.

The ever-stylish Mullers at Calshakes season opener
Romeo + Juliet
Image by SanFranAnnie
Calshakes created a Romeo & Juliet that still had it’s heart-wrenching emotional resonance even with a play seen so many times, the meaning could get stale. We were all a little weepy after :)


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