Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet – Montagues and Capulets, Dance Of The Knights

Great piece, maybe my favourite out of all Prokofiev’s music. Montagues and Capulets also known as Dance of the Knights is a score composed by Sergei Prokofiev. It is from Act I, Scene 2 of the ballet Romeo and Juliet. A dark and atmospheric piece, it has become a de facto signature tune for the Soviet era, and is used as the soundtrack for numerous dramas, documentaries and adverts that have Soviet subject matter. It was used as the background music in a popular 1990s French commercial for Chanel’s Egoiste fragrance, and it was the competition music for the Canadian television mockumentary Kenny vs. Spenny. The piece has also been used as the theme score for the English football club Sunderland who play at the Stadium of Light in order to evoke a stirring mood before kick-off and to trouble the nerves of visiting opponents. Since the stadium opened in 1997, Dance of the Knights is played, in full, before the teams walk out onto the pitch before the game. The use of the piece in this context saw interest in Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet rise sharply in the North-East of England toward the end of the 1990s.[citation needed] Furthermore, this composition is used as title music for the movie Caligula. The German Technical Death Metal band Necrophagist uses a portion of this piece at the end of their song Only Ash Remains. It is also used in the song ‘Lords of Bedlam’ by the Austrian symphonic death metal band Hollenthon. The Smiths would also famously come on stage to the
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