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Suryani Piracci

RE: Romeo + Juliet Ring Collection Partnership Program

Dear Friend, is a design company and it’s best that we focus on what we do best… design and make bespoke rings. 

In order to expand our business we have made a partnership with handles several key aspects of our business for us (we are getting great training on these important functions). 

Firstly, they handle our ecommerce solutions by enabling us to easily and securely sell through PayPal and at the same time help us with all the other things, like creating an efficient communication system; creating our bespoke center, etc.  In addition to these important functions they have also set up a partnership program for us that allows us to grow our network of affiliates.

Let me speak about our affiliate program…

The best form of advertising is word of mouth and since our customers have already purchased our rings, they are best to share the quality and beauty of what we create.  So, each customer is automatically enrolled in our partnership program and are given a unique ID that they can share with others. 

It’s simple, if anyone buys from a customer / affiliate partner’s affiliate link, the referring affiliate partner gets compensated.

In addition to our automatic customer partnership program we also have a partnership program designed for wedding planners and other professional affiliates that market to people interested in our collection.  Of course it’s not necessary to buy from us to become an affiliate and details on how to sign up for an affiliate account can be found here: Affiliate Program Center

If you are a customer and want to learn more about how to participate in the affiliate side of our business, please look at your original receipt for login details to the affiliate center.  If you are a wedding planner or a website owner or just an affiliate interested in marketing our collection, please go to the Parnership center and sign up for an account (link above).

Again, thank you for your interest in helping us grow.

Love & Peace,


Suryani Piracci

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