Nice Shakespeare photos

Check out these shakespeare images:

The Shakespeare, High Street, Lincoln
Image by Lincolnian (Brian)
The sign outside the Shakespear pub at the southern end of Lincoln’s High Street. This pub has an history stretching back to 1794.

Shakespeare In The Park
Image by BayerNYC
William Shakespeare was the first sculpture of a writer to be placed on the Mall, known informally as Literary Walk. It is fitting that two famous nineteenth-century actors, James Morrison Steele MacKay and Edwin Booth, were involved with the sculptor to create this monument to the world-renowned dramatist. Edwin Booth, America’s most famous Shakespearean actor, laid the cornerstone and advised Ward on the appropriate costume for a gentleman in Elizabethan England. MacKay, a good friend of Ward, was the model and suggested the pensive pose.

The sculpture was donated by the citizens of New York, led by a committee to honor the 300th anniversary of the birth of the poet and dramatist in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. Shakespeare is one of four sculptures by Ward in Central Park; the others are Pilgrim at East 73rd Street near the north drive, Seventh Regiment at the west drive at 67th Street, and Indian Hunter. Text From Here

Spring in Shakespeare
Image by spakattacks
The Shakespeare Garden on NU’s campus. Just found this place last week.


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