Nice Romeo + Juliet photos

A few nice Romeo + Juliet images I found:

Romeo y Julieta
Romeo + Juliet
Image by Mr Josito
Romeo y Julieta en Viena.
Love it’s for people like you

Paul Lamoureux
Romeo + Juliet
Image by cstm-mstc

The attached is a Yousef Karsh photo of my father; Paul Lamoureux who had this picture taken in view of preparing a portfolio as he wished to work as an artist in Hollywood. This never happened and we remained in Canada. He sang tenor in local and Montreal Italian Operas amateur productions of La Taviata, Romeo and Juliet and many others as well as doing a live singing broadcast at the now defunct CKCH radio Station. Paul was also popular as a solo at Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa and was a hit during the midnight Christmas Mass when he sang with great emotion Minuit Chretien.

Best regards
Pierre Lamoureux
Anjou, QC

Festival Karsh

Canada Science and Technology Museum / Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada

View from Ponte scaligero: Adige & Castelvecchio
Romeo + Juliet
Image by Ostrosky Photos
"Verona is a city in Veneto, northern Italy, one of the seven provincial capitals in the region. It is one of the main tourist destinations in north-eastern Italy, thanks to its artistic heritage, several annual fairs, shows and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, the ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans.
Verona owes its historical and economical importance to its geographical location, in a loop of the Adige River near Lake Garda. Because of this position, the areas saw regular floodings until 1956, when the Mori-Torbole tunnel was constructed, providing 500 cubic meters of discharge from the Adige river to Lake Garda when there was danger of flooding. The tunnel reduced the risk of flooding from once every seventy years to once every two centuries.
Verona is the setting of the story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare." Source:


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