More Theater Reviews

More Theater Reviews
Clue. It’s worrisome when the preshow announcement to a play based on a 1985 cult classic film includes a caveat that audience-goers should probably be drunk, and also that we should watch the movie at least five times in order to “get” the play. Luckily, neither of those prerequisites wer…
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3 women honored in Italy for letters to Juliet
VERONA – AN ASPIRING poet in search of true love. A student who has found it. And a young woman on the cusp of a major life change. All three confided their true hearts to Juliet, writing to Shakespeare’s fictional heroine seeking consolation, encouragement and friendship. The three women were honored on Sunday, the eve of Valentine’s Day, with awards for the best letters of the last 12 months …
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Gnomeo and Juliet: Making gnomes cool
Emily Blunt thinks people should go and see new film Gnomeo and Juliet because “gnomes are cool”.
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Fantastick — the title says it all
In fact, the musical, penned more than 50 years ago by playwright-lyricist Tom Jones and composer Harvey Schmidt, makes such a virtue of simplicity that it’s been playing in New York for all but a few years since it opened.
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