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Mistress of My Fate, By Hallie Rubenhold
Mistress of my Fate is a full-blooded historical romp that is eager to please.
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New York Audiences Too Wimpy for Rabbit Skinning on Stage [Theater]
# theater When the Royal Shakespeare Company opens its production of Shakespearean classic As You Like It (which is right up there in popularity with Cymbeline ) in New York this week, there is going to be one part missing: the skinning of a rabbit on stage. Why? Because New Yorkers are a bunch of wimps. More »
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Friday Arts Diary
Our cultural picks for the week ahead. In the second production of his acclaimed run at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Trevor Nunn directs Tom Stoppard’s absurdist expansion of Hamlet . Jamie Parker is Guildenstern to Samuel Barnett’s Rosencrantz – two minor characters in the original, now hilariously trying to piece together Shakespeare’s tragedy, but confused by the things they have missed while …
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Spirited company makes merry work of the Bard
All the stage is awhirl in Shakespeare & Company’s exuberant and inventive production of “As You Like It,” a comedy with eternal lessons to teach about the folly and necessity of love.
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