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Shakespeare’s – Globe Theatre
Image by Cyberslayer
The reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s Bankside, including Theatre, Education and Exhibition departments

Advising clients on environmental issues
Ed Clark, president and CEO of TD Bank Group, talks about the value-added service of advising the company’s clients on environmental issues in order to direct them towards the right kind of democratic debate.
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Tracy Shaffer: Arvada Alive With Music
The best thing about living in Denver in the summertime is the plethora of outdoor activities. My personal favorite is not the hiking (that’d be too strenuous) but the concerts.
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VIDEO: Simon Callow on Shakespeare
Actor Simon Callow has spoken about the importance of language in the education of William Shakespeare.
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In search of ponies: Critters offer children endless amusement
“Hello, do you sell feeder ants?” I asked the lady who answered at the pet store. “Put it back where you found it,” the voice on the other end of the line responded. “Excuse me? What do you mean?” “The horned toad. Take it back where…
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