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Shakespeare, Stoke Newington, London N16
Image by Kake Pugh
Shakespeare N16 on the Randomness Guide to London.

John Edwards, An American Tragedy
Certain words and people seem made for each other. For John Edwards, the word must surely be tragedy. Now, there are more questions than answers. Who is the real John Edwards? Was the man who had the extramarital affair and child with Rielle Hunter the same one who emerged on the national political scene in 1998? Or did something change him?
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History behind the graduation anthem
With this year marking his 154th birthday, it’s only fitting that one of his most well-known composed songs, “Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1,” is being played in celebration of graduates nationwide.Sir Edward Elgar, an English composer who was born J
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Ken Loves Thor; Defends Frank
Best-known for his love of Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh embraces comic-book movie lore and jumps to the defense of his famous clunker Frankenstein, writes JIM SCHEMBRI
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