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Shakespeare’s Head, Holborn, London WC2
Image by Kake Pugh
Stealth Wetherspoons on Kingsway.

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Album: Gustavo Dudamel, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuelatchaikovsy: Shakespeare (Deutsche Grammophon)
Gustavo Dudamel’s previous recording of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony and “Francesca da Rimini” demonstrated the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela’s aptitude for the composer, which is confirmed with this trio of “Fantasies” inspired by Shakespeare plays. There’s a spookily brooding Symphonic Fantasy based on The Tempest, while the company’s youthful cast brings a suitably enthused spirit …
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Starry cast is smooth in ‘Championship Season’
A few moments into the new Broadway revival of “That Championship Season,” the characters of James, a school principal in early 1970s Scranton, Pa., and Phil, a local businessman, bound onstage together, laughing.
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Hunter Graves wins Shakespeare competition
His competitors didn’t expect much when Cape junior Hunter Graves took the stage Feb. 27. Students in the audience talked and whispered, but as his expressive performance began, attention quickly shifted.
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Queen of the memoir? No, but plenty entertaining
Suddenly, every time I point my TV remote, out jumps Dame Judi Dench. She twinkles as elderly ingenue Jean Hardcastle in the sitcom “As Time Goes By.” She bosses crisply as “M,” scolding James Bond as “a sexist misogynistic dinosaur.” She swans about with rotten teeth and a heart of gold in “Shakespeare in Love.
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