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Beyond Measure
Measure for Measure is stupid. OK. There. I’ve said it. Measure for Measure , William Shakespeare’s odd serio-tragic comedy about sex, politics and severed heads has long been lumped among the playwright’s awkward “problem plays,” that common descriptive term used for Shakespeare’s more difficult—i.e., impossible to produce—works for the stage.
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CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky (2009)
By Mark Saleski So I was bored the other night and decided to flip through the on-demand offerings on the cable, and came across a short concert segment of Deep Purple doing “Space Truckin.” This was mid-1970s excess at its purest: long hair, satin pants, platform shoes, banks of amplifiers, explosions. Yeah, Ritchie Blackmore sure did know his way around the fretboard, yet I couldn’t help but …
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