Juliet Skin by LuNi Designs

Check out these Romeo + Juliet images:

Juliet Skin by LuNi Designs
Romeo + Juliet
Image by moggs oceanlane
It’s Halloween and Moggs is all kitted out with LuNi Designs goods. I’m wearing the Juliet Skin created by Nimil. The pumpkin is the LuNi freebie, Pumpkin Toss. I love these guys. Go check out their store – they sell goth, horror and black humour type goods… quirky, fun and all year around.

LuNi Designs SLURL (teleport there now) | LuNi Designs Update Blog | LuNi Designs Flickr Group | Nimil Blackflag on Flickr

Ti Amo
Romeo + Juliet
Image by DarkB4Dawn
Juliet’s house, Verona


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