Get Reel: ‘Honoring’ the best of the worst with a Razzie

Love letters on the wall
Letters to Juliet
Image by Elin B
By Juliets house. Here, lovers and hopefuls stick their letters to the wall for good luck. I didn’t, so I guess I am doomed. Oh well.

Copyright: Elin B @ Nordic Touch,

Get Reel: ‘Honoring’ the best of the worst with a Razzie
  Forget about the awards for best picture and best actor: do you know what film cleaned up at the 31st annual Golden Razzie Awards on Feb. 26?
Read more on The Milford Daily News

Amanda Seyfried scared by “Red Riding Hood”
As a little girl Amanda Seyfried avoided reading old fables such as “Little Red Riding Hood” because they scared her, which seems ironic now.
Read more on Reuters via Yahoo! News


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