How is my ring made?

Each ring ordered is made by hand (with love and care). We first construct a wax model of your ring based on your ring size.  If you ordered a customized ring that requires personalized initials we take our time making sure that each letter is constructed correctly and beautifully. Obviously the smaller aspects of your ring design takes us the longest to complete, this includes the initials and especially the construction of the heart that is designed above, but within a plus sign.  Once the wax mold is perfect we cast your ring in .925 silver (or 18k Gold if that is what you choose). Next,  once we have finished casting, we prepare the ring in a special solution to blacken the areas behind the initials (Gold rings don’t get this treatment).  After this process is completed we clean the ring and prepare it for polishing. Each ring is polished to perfection by hand and then packaged in a velvet pouch.

How long will it take for you to make my ring?

Your ring will take less than 14 days for me to make. Typically around twelve days, but as my studio gets rather busy sometimes I leave some room to make sure that all is done to perfection.

Once my ring/s is made, how long will it take to get to me?

We send all our jewelry (except custom gold orders) by registered post (we pay shipping costs). Depending on where you live in the world, it takes from seven to fourteen days for your ring to arrive after we mail it. So, it takes me about two weeks to make your custom order and then another seven to fourteen days for it to arrive at your door step.

What material is my ring made from?

All rings that are part of the Romeo + Juliet Ring Collection are made in .925 Silver, 18K White Gold or 18K Yellow Gold.

I’m thinking about having the Romeo + Juliet Ring made for a wedding band in solid gold — have you had that request before?

Yes, of course and you can place your order request directly from the website.  So you know, we have many requests for wedding bands with the addition of the Juliet Promise rings bundled in a set by wedding planners.  Basically, the Juliet promise rings are given to the Bride Maids as gifts… very beautiful. If you should have any further question about putting together a special package to create your own Romeo and Juliet style wedding, please feel free to contact me.

Do you make custom Jewelry based on other designs?

Yes (love to)… most of my other designs are also thematic and are based on things that move me.  For example, I am currently working on a “The Alchemist” collection to celebrate my love for the book written by Paulo Coelho.  All my past customers get details about anything and everything that I create.

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