Fish & Chips @ The Shakespeare

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Fish & Chips @ The Shakespeare
Image by Patrick Q
Megan, Joyce, Chris, Jason, Terry

From my travel journal:

We arrived safely in London today. First we stopped for lunch in the mall that borders the airport. We exchanged our money and settled on a small deli. I had a brie, bacon, and mango chutney sandwich, fruit salad, and OJ. Chris Allen took a photo of me at the mall with Postman Pat and his Black-and-white Cat. The flight was long and I didn’t sleep much, so I’m glad that we reserved rooms at Le Meridian, the hotel adjoining Gatwick. I enjoyed the hotel’s lobby – and atrium with fountains and a grand player piano, while we watied for our rooms. When they were ready, we took a 4-hour nap and then it was off to see the sights. Half opted for Madame Tussauds. The rest of us braved the elements on an open-air double-decker bus tour. We met up for dinner at The Shakespeare, a fish-n-chips restaurant, followed by a ride on the Tube back to Le Meridian to pick up our bags and check in at the airport. Next stop: Kenya.

If Shakespeare were from Texas…
Image by cybertoad
At Shakespeare at Winedale.


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