Eppic (feat. Edith) – Inner Shakespeare (Original Song)

Download This On iTunes: itunes.apple.com ================================= Written by Eppic feat. Edith Produced by Jeff Hendrick Directed by Michael Harris Instrumentation by Jeff Hendrick and Dan Rosado Big thanks to Bethany for being the actress in this video! :) ========================== Find me on… Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter www.twitter.com Jeff Hendrick: Twitter.com/jhendrickmusic facebook.com/jhendrickmusic youtube.com/jhendrickmusic Edith: Twitter.com/edith_quezada Michael Harris: twitter.com/michaelharris_ ===================== Behind the scenes: www.youtube.com ===================== Verse 1: What makes you think Imma just lie here While you spit on my ideas Freddie Kruger into my nightmares Bottle what was left of my fears Unreal and unnatural Ain’t gotta know how intellectual You maybe, fact is you ain’t all that powerful You must find the source of my power from where its drawn Until then I’m in the mood to wreak havoc upon this song Kept calm even when I knew this game got me hostage Each and every verse catastrophic, Each line written like my life depended on it You, you probably wish I fallen huh Instead Imma take a giant leap of faith, now starting a pose directly on the sun. Now, now starting a pose directly on the sun. Chorus: Behold my inner Shakespeare, my Leonardo Davinci Maybe once you see, then maybe you’ll get me Verse 2: Given a glimpse of my inner Shakespeare My Michelangelo with a paint brush in hand Construct my own Sistine Chapel

i’ve run out of things to write, but its a required field :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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