Cool Romeo + Juliet images

Some cool Romeo + Juliet images:

Denisse @ Long Beach Aquarium
Romeo + Juliet
Image by harry525
Denisse and I are at the Aquarium checking out Romeo and Juliet being performed by the Long Beach Shakespeare Company as apart of their 9th annual summer concert series. Oh Denisse always floats my boat!

macrobert autumn/winter season 2010 – Romeo & Juliet
Romeo + Juliet
Image by macrobertstirling
Romeo & Juliet
Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal
Photo: Karl Andre photography
Pictured: Rachel Spicer (Juliet) & William Travis (Capulet)
Tuesday 5 October – Saturday 9 October 8.00pm
Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 October 1.00pm
Tickets: 01786 466 666

The Poison
Romeo + Juliet
Image by claire.whitehouse
Romeo & Juliet

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