CHICAGO – If You Leave Me Now – ITALY 1977

Never-before-seen video of CHICAGO performing “If You Leave Me Now” at Arena Di Verona, Verona ITALY (August 31, 1977). A crowd of 15000 enjoyed this rare Italian appearance as the group enjoyed their greatest international success with this song. It was a different story outside the arena. Italian police used tear gas to breakup a crowd of demonstrators (estimated at nearly 1000) who were protesting this concert and it’s ticket price (only 3 US dollars). Band member Robert Lamm recalled seeing the tear gas rising above the ancient structure. To add to the night, all of the trunks carrying CHICAGO’s wardrobe were lost. The group performed the concert in the same street clothes they arrived in. It was a memorable performance for the group, on many levels. Enjoy! ~CK~
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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