Buying Process

I love what I do and I want you to love what you buy from me. Also, I am dedicated to superior client satisfaction and want your buying experience with me to be uncomplicated and fun.

Let me describe our easy process…

Step One:

Decide what you would like to purchase from our Studio Store. Click on the PayPal “Add to Cart” graphic. You will be redirected to a new page (you will be redirected to our Merchant Processing Partner,

Step Two:

Add details of your city, zip code, country and state or province. Press the Submit button.

Step Three:

Review the description of the ring you are having made and click on the “Check Out” button.

Step Four:

You will be redirected to a page that will collect your personal details and most importantly your shipping details. Click on the “Submit” button.

Step Five:

On this page you will select the payment option (we use PayPal as it’s secure).  Hit the next button.

Step Six:

You’ve been sent to PayPal where you are able to complete the payment of your order.  After you complete your payment you should be redirected to a thank you page at  Two different emails will be sent to you.

  1. A receipt email: contains details on your order as well as login details for the Bespoke Center, where you can provide us with details about your ring order.
  2. A thank you email, which also gives you the same details on how to access the Bespoke Center

Step Seven:

At the Bespoke Center you will log-in with your provided password and then you can provide us with your cusomization details so that your order is completed exactly as you imagine. 

Once you submit your customization form we will immediately begin to work on your piece(s).

That’s it… It’s really simple and it ensures that your order is made exactly how you want it…

Order now so I can begin to make your jewelry!

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