Best of a Bard bunch

“Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night”
Image by MrFishK
"Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night" at Koka Booth Amphitheatre Cary NC Aug 27, 2010

Best of a Bard bunch
Quick with a quip is Toby Schmitz, who plays Benedick in Bell Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing .
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Highly Recommended THE MOVIE: Set in Germany just after the U.S. stock market crash that caused the Great Depression, Despair is the story of one Hermann Hermann (Dirk Bogarde), a Russian immigrant who runs a candy factory where his workers dress all in purple. Yeah, big purple jumpsuits, and there is purple on the walls, too. It’s an odd detail in a movie full of odd details, like Willy Wonka …
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Calendar: June 23 – June 29
Tuesday May 10, 2011
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